Alexandria Now Has 2,070 Cases of COVID-19, No New Deaths

Alexandria now has 2,070 reported cases of COVID-19, an increase of 35 cases since yesterday, according to the Virginia Department of Health. That’s the biggest jump in cases since May 29, when 54 new cases were announced.

There are no new reported fatalities, and the number of coronavirus-related deaths in Alexandria remains at 45.

Hispanic residents make up 17% of the population and lead with the highest number of cases in the city with six deaths, 1,131 cases and 95 total hospitalizations.

It is not clear how many residents have fully recovered from the virus, and the city is advising residents to continue staying home except for “essential trips such as food purchases and medical care.”

Statewide, there have been 1,460 reported deaths (seven since yesterday), and 1,357 of those deaths are confirmed to have been COVID-related, according to VDH. There are now 49,397 cases (47,123 confirmed) and 5,054 hospitalizations (including 30 probable cases).

Testing Update

There have been 12,126 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests administered in Alexandria so far, and the city’s seven-day positivity rate shows a 10.9% infection rate of those tested. There have also been 1,451 antibody tests in Alexandria. Across Virginia, there have been 368,857 PCR tests administered with a seven-day positivity rate of 10.2% (and 45,526 antibody tests).

COVID-19 Age and Sex Breakdown

There are 1,059 females with the virus (with 25 deaths and 93 hospitalizations) and 1,002 males (with 20 deaths and 116 hospitalizations) who tested positive for COVID-19 in the city. The sex of nine cases was not reported.

  • 80+     — 20 deaths, 79 cases, 26 hospitalizations
  • 70-79 — 13 deaths, 91 cases, 34 hospitalizations
  • 60-69 — Two deaths, 174 cases, 41 hospitalizations
  • 50-59 — Nine deaths, 270 cases, 40 hospitalizations
  • 40-49 — Zero deaths, 392 cases, 33 hospitalizations
  • 30-39 — Zero deaths, 484 cases, 26 hospitalizations
  • 20-29 — One death, 317 cases, five hospitalizations
  • 10-19  — Zero deaths, 136 cases, two hospitalizations
  • 0-9     — Zero deaths, 116 cases, two hospitalizations
  • Missing — 11 cases not listed by age

There have been 145 cases associated with 12 outbreaks in the city, and 142 of those cases have been health care workers. Nine of the outbreaks occurred at long-term care facilities, and 15 deaths have occurred at such facilities, although that number has not been updated since the city’s release on May 2. The other outbreaks occurred at “congregate” settings and an educational setting.

Cases By ZIP Code

The areas of the city with the leading number of cases are the 22304 and 22305 ZIP codes, which include the West End and Arlandria, Potomac Yard and Potomac West neighborhoods.

Some of the areas share jurisdictions between Alexandria and Arlington and Fairfax Counties:

  • 22301 — 67 cases, 666 people tested (Estimated population 15,171)
  • 22302 — 208 cases, 1,327 people tested (Estimated population 20,238)
  • 22304 — 601 cases, 3,311 people tested (Estimated population 54,003)
  • 22305 — 563 cases, 1,869 people tested (Estimated population 16,095)
  • 22311 — 414 cases, 1,882 people tested (Estimated population 16,898)
  • 22312 — 497 cases, 1,965 people tested (Estimated population 6,901)
  • 22314 — 180 cases, 1,586 people tested (Estimated population 47,826)

The City acknowledged that VDH and the Alexandria Health Department have “significant gaps in non-reporting of racial and ethnic demographics in this data.”

  • Hispanic or Latino — Six Deaths, 1,131 cases, 95 hospitalizations
  • White, non-Hispanic residents — 27 deaths, 848 cases, 77 hospitalizations
  • Black/African American residents — 11 deaths, 299 cases, 57 hospitalizations
  • Not Hispanic or Latino — 36 deaths, 699 cases, 109 hospitalizations
  • Not reported — Six deaths, 451 cases, 17 hospitalizations
  • Other — One death, 472 cases, 58 hospitalizations

The full timeline of the spread so far:

Photo via Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

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