BREAKING: Three More Deaths as Alexandria Breaches 1,000 COVID-19 Cases

Three more people have died of COVID-19 in Alexandria and the city has breached the 1,000 case mark.

There are now 29 coronavirus-related deaths in Alexandria and 1,060 cases since May 5, according to the Virginia Department of Health. An update on health data was not available yesterday, as VDH reported a glitch on its website and the daily figures were not updated.

The three most recent deaths were three women in their 80s (two white women, one black/African American woman).

Most fatalities related to the virus have been people over the age of 50, although the highest numbers of those infected are in their 30s and 40s. There has been one death of a person in their 20s.

While VDH data does not add up to the number of new cases in the city, here’s the age breakdown of deaths and new cases:

  • 80+     —13 Deaths, 47 cases, 18 hospitalizations (Three new deaths, three new cases)
  • 70-79 — Seven deaths, 63 cases, 24 hospitalizations (Six new cases)
  • 60-69 — One death, 91 cases, 20 hospitalizations (Six new cases)
  • 50-59 — Seven deaths, 141 cases, 24 hospitalizations (10 new cases, one new hospitalization)
  • 40-49 — Zero deaths, 206 cases, 19 hospitalizations (19 new cases, two new hospitalizations)
  • 30-39 — Zero deaths, 265 cases, 16 hospitalizations (18 new cases, two new hospitalizations)
  • 20-29 — One death, 149 cases, three hospitalizations (11 New cases, one new hospitalization)
  • 10-19  — Zero deaths, 55 cases (Five new cases)
  • 0-9     — Zero deaths, 42 cases, three hospitalizations (One new case, one new hospitalization)

There have been more than 300 new or probable cases in the city in the month of May alone. VDH also reported that there are 127 COVID-19-related hospitalizations in Alexandria, which is an increase of seven patients since May 5.

There are now reportedly 552 females with the virus (with 15 deaths and 57 hospitalizations) and 506 males (with 14 deaths and 70 hospitalizations) who tested positive for COVID-19 in the city. The sex of two cases was not reported.

VDH provided the following racial and ethnic breakdown:

  • White, non-Hispanic residents — 370,51,19 19 deaths, 329 cases, 19 hospitalizations (Two new deaths, 41 new cases)
  • Black/African American residents — Five deaths, 159 cases, 37 hospitalizations (One new death, 10 new cases, one new hospitalization)
  • Not Hispanic or Latino — 21 deaths, 334 cases, 69 hospitalizations (Three new deaths, 33 new cases, eight new hospitalizations)
  • Hispanic or Latino — Four Deaths, 463 Cases, 51 hospitalizations (70 new cases, nine new hospitalizations)
  • Not reported — Four deaths, 347 cases, 11 hospitalizations
  • Other — One death, 184 cases, 28 hospitalizations

Last Saturday, the Alexandria Health Department released that a large percentage of COVID-19 deaths in the city occurred at long-term care facilities.

Statewide, there have been 769 reported deaths, which is an increase of 56 deaths since May 5, according to VDH. There are now 21,570 cases (20,537 confirmed, 1,033 probable) and 2,955 hospitalizations (including 21 probable cases). Additionally, 136,558 tests have been administered in Virginia.

The full timeline of the spread so far: