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Here in Alexandria, real estate is a spectator sport. Let’s take a look at some of the smallest and largest homes sold last month (January 2024).

Largest homes sold

  1. 1200 Karig Place — Seminary Hill — $3,868,839 (6 beds | 7 baths | 9,801 sq. ft.)
  2. 1305 Dartmouth Rd — Taylor Run — $2,091,305 (6 beds | 4.5 baths | 6,500 sq. ft.)
  3. 217 E Mason Ave — Del Ray — $2,325,000 (6 beds | 5.5 baths | 4,977 sq. ft.)

Smallest homes sold*

  1. 2311 Richmond Hwy Unit 101 — Potomac Yard — $825,000 (3 beds | 2.5 baths | 1,704 sq. ft.)
  2. 713 Carpenter Rd — Potomac Yard — $980,000 (3 beds | 3.5 baths | 1,717 sq. ft.)
  3. 83 Fendall Ave — Seminary Hill — $595,000 (3 beds | 3.5 baths | 1,760 sq. ft.)

*Minimum home value of $200,000 set to exclude certain land sales, retirement condos, properties with expiring ground leases, etc.


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Call Your Mother Deli opens in Old Town Alexandria (image via Call Your Mother Deli/Instagram)

Call Your Mother, a popular bagel chain, opened its 13th location at 1300 King Street in Old Town Alexandria this morning (Thursday).

The new location also features the chain’s largest coffee roasting operation on-site, Washingtonian reported.

“We’re roasting our own coffee (which you can peep in real time) and we’re serving up the tightest carbs every dang day from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. at 1300 King Street Alexandria, VA,” the deli’s website said. “Let’s Party!”

The menu features a mix of classic and unique bagels, along with teas and coffee

Image via Call Your Mother Deli/Instagram

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The Potomac Yard Metro station (staff photo by Jay Westcott)
In addition to stifling the Potomac Yard arena plans, Sen. Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth) has also stripped additional Metro funding from the State Senate’s proposed budget, the Washington Post reported.

The Washington Post reported that Lucas acknowledged Northern Virginia’s state senators would be unhappy about that, but said “it’s a new day in the commonwealth.”

Lucas said Metro has handled finances poorly and needs reform before it gains additional funding. WMATA currently faces a budget shortfall of $750 million.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin had signaled earlier that he’d be open to an increase in Metro funding tied to the new arena, but Lucas — chair of the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee — eliminated that from the Senate budget as well.

Debates will likely continue back and forth over the Potomac Yard arena and Metro funding until the legislative session adjourns on March 9.

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  3. NWS warns of snowy Friday night and Saturday for Alexandria (913 views)

Here in Alexandria, real estate is a spectator sport. Let’s take a look at some of the most and least expensive townhouses sold last month (January 2024).

Most expensive townhouses sold

  1. 610 S Columbus St — Old Town — $1,815,000 (4 beds | 4.5 baths | 3,064 sq. ft.)
  2. 1207 Wilkes St — Old Town — $1,770,000 (3 beds | 2.5 baths | 2,780 sq. ft.)
  3. 818 Rivergate Place — Old Town — $1,450,000 (3 beds | 4.5 baths | 3,034 sq. ft.)

Least expensive townhouses sold*

  1. 1433 Martha Custis Dr Unit 403-14 — North Ridge — $330,000 (1 beds | 1 baths | 824 sq. ft.)
  2. 3752 Gunston Rd — North Ridge — $385,000 (2 beds | 1 baths | 930 sq. ft.)
  3. 1552 Mount Eagle Place — North Ridge — $408,000 (2 beds | 1 baths | 930 sq. ft.)

*Minimum home value of $200,000 set to exclude certain land sales, retirement condos, properties with expiring ground leases, etc.


Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for love!

As it is February and Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria has a number of fluffy rabbits up for adoption.

“You may not have considered a bunny as a companion animal, but they make amazing and loyal friends,” said AWLA spokesperson Erin Shackelford.

A few reasons why rabbits make the best companions:

  • They’re quiet and don’t take up much room — perfect for city living
  • Rabbits form strong bonds with their guardians
  • They can be as cuddly as a dog or cat
  • Rabbits can be litter box trained
  • Their schedules match ours. They’re most active at dawn and dusk.
  • They are full of personality and character
  • Despite their small size, they live longer lives — around 10 years is their estimated life span

Think you’re in love? See all the available rabbits at!


Good Thursday morning, Alexandria!

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Faccia Luna at 823 S. Washington Street is closing on Dec. 23 (staff photo by James Cullum)

Alexandria Living Magazine reported that a new restaurant, Frankie’s Kitchen and Cocktail Bar, is coming to the Faccia Luna space at 823 South Washington Street.

Faccia Luna, a local pizza restaurant for 27 years, closed last December.

There’s no word yet on what will be served at Frankie’s or an opening date.

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  2. ‘Indochen’ in Cameron Station to be featured on ‘America’s Best Restaurants’ (688 views)
  3. Transportation is biggest threat to Potomac Yard arena deal, says City Councilman Canek Aguirre as he seeks reelection (575 views)

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Former Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille at the Scottish Christmas Walk Parade in Old Town on Saturday, Dec. 2, 2023 (staff photo by James Cullum)

(Updated 2/22) The Alexandria Times and the Alexandria Journalism Project reported this week that former Mayor Bill Euille had been the focus of an FBI probe over a $260,000 check from one of the city’s largest developers.

The story started with the discovery in early 2017 of a stub of the check and a deposit slip to Euille from Hubert N. Hoffman III. The check was dated June 18, 2012; during a time when the City Council was considering several large Hoffman development projects around Eisenhower Avenue.

The Alexandria Times investigation showed that the check was deposited into Euille’s personal account and there was no reported campaign contribution for that total. Euille also did not recuse himself from votes on Hoffman projects.

The check was discovered in the Mayor’s office by Mayor Allison Silberberg. Silberberg took it to then-City Attorney Jim Banks, then-Police Chief Mike Brown and then-City Manager Mark Jinks. Brown suggested the items be turned over to the FBI, which launched an investigation.

According to the Alexandria Times, Silberberg was told by an FBI agent in 2020 that the U.S. Attorney decided not to pursue the matter as a legal case. The Alexandria Journalism Project has filed a FOIA request to the FBI for more information about the case and why it was not pursued, the Times reported, but the request is pending.

The full story is available at the Alexandria Times and is worth a read.

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  2. Notes: Stalled Old Town hotel project could pivot to residential (3552 views)
  3. King Street block closed Thursday night for crane activity (1022 views)

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Rendering of outdoor plaza at Monumental Arena development (image courtesy of JBG SMITH)

(Updated at 9 p.m.) Virginia’s House of Delegates voted to pass the arena bill 59-40, sending the proposal to an uncertain future in the Senate.

Earlier this week, the Democrat-controlled Virginia Senate voted not to table the bill on the arena’s stadium authority for a hearing.

The proposal to build a new arena at Potomac Yard for the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals has met with a mixed reception.

“I’m pleased that the House of Delegates has allowed the community conversation on the potential of this economic development opportunity to continue” Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson told ALXnow. “I look forward to further engagement with legislators in RIchmond and residents of Alexandria.”

Many local leaders say the proposal would be a boon for Alexandria’s economy and development plans for Potomac Yard, while other Alexandria representatives and protestors against the arena highlighted concerns that the new arena would create more traffic than either the local roads or Metro station can handle, among other concerns.

Alexandria Delegate Elizabeth Bennett-Parker announced today that she would vote against the Potomac Yard arena legislation.

Bennett-Parker said that the bill to create the Virginia Sports and Entertainment Authority and Financing Fund “currently falls disproportionately on our residents,” who will see residential property tax increases. She also said that the transportation funds needed to bring the $2 billion entertainment district to Potomac Yard by 2028 have not been defined.

“Despite the Governor’s recently released transportation study, there remain a lot of concerns and questions,” Bennett-Parker wrote in an email. “Besides the effects of the proposal on Route 1 and surrounding roads, and the critical, long-term investment needed for WMATA regardless of this proposal, it is unclear what the Commonwealth is actually committing to in terms of transportation funds.”

Bennett-Parker, a former vice mayor of Alexandria, said that she has been “continually frustrated” by Governor Glenn Youngkin’s administration’s lack of forthcomingness.

“The Administration has failed to share important details and failed to give good-faith guarantees for workers and worker protections,” she wrote. “Given the significant impacts the proposed entertainment district would have on our community, I cannot in good faith vote for this without more information on the financing of the project, a more sustained commitment to WMATA funding, state-funded transportation improvements to mitigate its effects, protections for workers, displacement protections for Arlandria residents, and appropriate representation of Alexandrians on the Authority.”

Bennett-Parker also joined her former colleagues by stating that the city needs more representation on the proposed 15-member Virginia Stadium Authority board. The House version of the bill would have three members on the board from Alexandria.

“That is unacceptable for a project that would so dramatically affect our community,” Bennett-Parker wrote.

Monumental Sports and Entertainment, owners of the Capitals and Wizards, put out a release celebrating the vote in the House of Delegates.

““We are so encouraged by the bipartisan support for this monumental opportunity to create jobs and generate revenue that will benefit the city, the region, and the entire Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Monumental’s Chief Administrative Officer Monica Dixon. “This is a big step forward in the process, but we know it is not the last step. We believe this is the right project for Alexandria, for Virginia, and for our fans, players, coaches, and employees. We look forward to working with the leadership, members, and staff of the Virginia Senate to answer their questions and earn their support for this transformative economic opportunity.”

One of the groups opposing the new arena, the Coalition to Stop the Arena at Potomac Yard, said despite the vote they still believe the momentum is against the arena.

“It has been exactly two months since Governor Youngkin and Ted Leonsis stood on stage in Alexandria to announce this project,” Potomac Yard resident and co-founder of the Coalition, Adrien Lopez, said in a release. “Despite a lot of flashy presentations and social media posts, serious questions have piled up and opposition is growing. We believe this idea is fatally flawed and the Senate should pursue other important matters before the Commonwealth.”

Governor Glenn Youngkin wants to break ground on the project by next year, which means a swift turnaround with approved legislation in both houses of the General Assembly. On Monday, however, Virginia President Pro Tempore Sen. L. Louise Lucas (D-18) tweeted that the bill is not on the Senate Finance and Appropriations docket because it is “not ready for prime time.”

James Cullum and Vernon Miles contributed to this story

Snowy conditions outside ALXnow editor’s apartment (staff photo by Vernon Miles)

Good Tuesday morning, Alexandria!

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802-808 N. Washington Street (image via Google Maps)

The Washington Business Journal reported that plans for a partially built five-story hotel are dead in the water but the developer is hoping to turn it into a residential development instead.

After some delays, plans to replace the two story Towne-Motel at 802-808 N. Washington Street with a new five-story, 98-room hotel got underway in 2020. But even as the building started going up, the Washington Business Journal reported that rising interest rates and construction costs caused funding for the project to dry up.

Now, with the parking garage and first floor built, the Washington Business Journal said reports filed to the city show that the hotel project is no longer viable and the hope is to pivot to building 47 condos instead. The 122-year-old brick townhouse, which was moved back in 2020 to make was for the new development, could be incorporated into the townhouse development.

Image via Google Maps

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Visit Del Ray had its biggest voter turnout yet for the Heart of Del Ray awards and two groups of locals — one business and one organization — walked home with the prize.

The Heart of Del Ray award is dedicated to businesses or places in the community with the most warm and welcoming attitude.

The Dog Store/Your Dog’s Best Friends (2301 Mount Vernon Avenue), a local pet supply store, won one of the hearts. The other went to the Alexandria Library’s Duncan Branch/Friends of the Duncan Library.

According to the Visit Del Ray Facebook page:

SO MUCH LOVE in Del Ray! After the biggest turnout (nearly 2,000 votes!) and the closest vote in Heart of Del Ray history, our 16th Heart of Del Ray is extra sweet — with TWO winners! Congrats to The Dog Store/Your Dog’s Best Friends and Alexandria Library’s Duncan Branch/Friends of Duncan Library!

Image via Visit Del Ray/Facebook

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  3. Notes: Suspect arrested in attempted sexual assault in Potomac Yard (1247 views)

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