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ALXnow will begin covering the Alexandria community in October 2019 — and you can be a part of our launch!

We are doing things a bit differently than you might find on our other popular sites, like ARLnow in Arlington. ALXnow’s advertising options will be radically simplified to better deliver value to our advertisers right off the bat.

If you want to reach the nearly 3,000 subscribers that have already signed up for our email newsletter, and the tens of thousands of locals who will read the site in the coming months, check out the following options and then get in touch with Lene Query at [email protected] or 703-348-0583.

Note that this page will be updated with readership statistics after we have a full month of stats to report. Based on previous site launches, you can expect to reach a wide swath of those who live and work in Alexandria, with a particular focus on young professionals and young families.


Universal display ad package

Keep your business visible on nearly every section of ALXnow 24/7! Repetition and reach is a key to advertising success, and display advertising allows you to get a message across to thousands of ALXnow readers, day in and day out. We’re simplifying it by only offering our most effective ad size and placing it throughout the site and our email newsletter.

WHAT IT IS: 300x600px ad (free design available)
WHERE IT SHOWS UP: Almost everywhere — desktop sidebar, mid-page on mobile articles, email newsletter sidebar. It rotates equally with other ads.
PRICING: $400/mo $250/mo through Dec. 31, 2019 (special launch pricing guaranteed as long ad campaign remains active)


Business profile 365

A business profile that works for you year-round. Let ALXnow publish a professionally-produced profile of your business — complete with a photoshoot by our staff photojournalist — and then promote it via all of our channels.

WHAT IT IS: Profile of your business published on ALXnow
WHAT’S INCLUDED: Q&A-style written profile, photoshoot with our staff photographer, ongoing promotion
WHERE IT IS SHOWN: Homepage of ALXnow for ~1 day, at least one issue of our email newsletter, our social media accounts (x2) and a dedicated business profile ad unit.
COST: $750 $500 + $39 $29/mo


Promoted post

Publish a sponsored article on ALXnow on the topic of your choice. Get the word out about a grand opening, a big sale, an open house or more. Include a photo gallery, embedded video or other media elements.

WHAT IT IS: Sponsored article on a topic of your choice
WHO WRITES IT: Write it yourself and we’ll lightly edit it, or we can assign a freelance writer to pen it for you (it’s free)
HOW IT’S PROMOTED: We publish the article on our homepage for ~1 day, include it in the day’s email newsletter, and promote it twice via our social media accounts.
COST: $500 $300 (special pricing available for real estate and job listings)


Sponsored column/feature

Sponsored columns are not just for real estate agents, but agents love them on our other sites. Write about your area of expertise for the entire community to read — on real estate, employment law, beer, etc. — or publish regular listings of things like open houses or recently-listed homes. You’ll get regular brand exposure, build name recognition, drive clicks to your website and, incidentally, get a search engine boost.

WHAT IT IS: Weekly or biweekly sponsored article on a topic of your choice
EXCLUSIVITY: You’ll be the exclusive columnist on that particular topic for as long as you want to write the column
WHO WRITES IT: You or a writer you hire.
HOW IT’S PROMOTED: Like Promoted Posts, we publish the article on our homepage for ~1 day, include it in the day’s email newsletter, and promote it twice via our social media accounts.
COST: Ask us for pricing


Use the following form to get in touch with our business staff.


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