New seven-story residential development pitched for Landmark neighborhood

A developer has filed for a permit to redevelop 6101 and 6125 Stevenson Avenue, currently an office building and parking lot in the Landmark neighborhood, into a seven-story residential building.

The proposal is to build 270 units in the new building with 340 parking spaces in a garage, a ground-floor lobby and amenity space.

The development requires a special use permit to increase the height of the proposed building to 85 feet and an increase in the floor area ratio.

According to the application:

Overall, the Applicant is improving the Property by replacing the aging office building with an urban multi-unit building that will provide much-needed housing stock in the region. The proposed redevelopment will also reduce the number of curb cuts from three to two, achieve desirable density that is appropriate in the surrounding context, improve the Stevenson Avenue streetscape, and create affordable housing to serve the local community.

The development plans will create 26 units considered affordable at up to 60% of area median income for 40 years. The application said the units will consist of 17 one-bedroom units and 9 two-bedroom units. The developer will also provide a $433,962 contribution to the Housing Trust Fund.

The project is scheduled for review at the Planning Commission on June 4.