Construction work on minor improvements underway at Duke Street Tunnel

Duke Street Pedestrian Tunnel (image via Google Maps)

Improvements to the pedestrian experience at Duke Street and Dulany Street aren’t just surface level: the entrances to the nearby Duke Street Tunnel are also getting a minor makeover.

The Carlyle Council said construction is ongoing today (Tuesday) on new gates for the tunnel.

The tunnel is still open, but pedestrians are asked to use caution due to construction and cyclists are asked to dismount their bicycles before entering the tunnel.

The Duke Street Tunnel allows easy pedestrian access from the King Street Metro station to the Carlyle neighborhood, though some commentators on previous stories said they either didn’t know the tunnel existed or lamented that it has fairly limited hours.

The city is also eyeing changes to Duke Street above the tunnel to make the intersection more pedestrian-friendly. The city is considering removing one of the left turn lanes at the intersection with Dulany Street — right in front of the entrance to the Carlyle neighborhood — and replacing it with a pedestrian island.

Image via Google Maps