Traffic and Parking Board backs Lynhaven roundabout but cans one-way street reversal

Glebe Road/Montrose Avenue/Ashby Street intersection conversion (image via City of Alexandria)

The Traffic and Parking Board endorsed one intersection change that could make Lynhaven/Del Ray a little safer but did not approve the proposed reversal of a one-way street.

The proposed changes reviewed at the meeting earlier this week were:

  • A roundabout at the Glebe Road/Montrose Avenue/Ashby Street intersection
  • Reversal of Ashby Street, currently one-way west-to-east, to the reverse.

The roundabout would take the place of what’s currently a busy and confusing five-way intersection with significant visibility issues. Staff said while no pedestrian crashes have been reported at the intersection, it still poses a risk.

The plan is to replace the intersection with a roundabout featuring partial stop control, slower speeds, shorter crossings and improved sightlines.

The roundabout would require removing some on-street parking around the intersection and the purchase of right-of-way, but even with those complications, both speakers and the Traffic and Parking Board were unanimous in their support for the plan.

The more controversial change was the proposed reversal of Ashby Street.

Currently Ashby Street is one-way eastbound, but it could be changed to run one-way westbound.

Staff said the change would improve traffic safety and intersection operations, but the change was greeted with a mixed reception from neighbors. All of the public commentors spoke in favor of the roundabout change, but some on the street expressed uncertainty or opposition to the change.

Ultimately, the Traffic and Parking Board voted to separate the two proposed changes. The roundabout was recommended, but the Traffic and Parking Board did not recommend the one-way reversal.