Expanded outdoor seating, live music and more proposed for Del Ray BBQ spot

Outdoor barbeque spot Hi/Fi Tex-Mex BBQ in Del Ray could be getting a significant expansion — provided it can get the permits next month.

A special use permit heading to the Planning Commission on Tuesday, Oct. 3, details plans for expanded seating, live entertainment and more, though only some of those have staff’s recommendation for approval.

The applicant, Majestic Grill, Inc., is proposing to allow 74 additional outdoor dining seats for a total of 124 seats. The applicant is also hoping to extend hours of operation, permit outdoor live entertainment, and to request approval of a temporary trailer.

The outdoor live entertainment would include live musical performances Wednesday through Saturday from 6-10 p.m.

The staff report recommends approval to the increase in outdoor dining seats, expanded hours of operation, amplified outdoor entertainment, and the temporary trailer — but does not recommend approval for live performances.

The application also includes letters from the public. While some had concerns about a smoker on the site being a nuisance for neighbors, the vast majority of letters were in support of the business, including one from the Del Ray Business Association.

Image via Hi/Fi Tex-Mex BBQ/Facebook