Construction on King Street intersection redesign kicking off next week

Traffic near the George Washington Masonic Memorial during a storm (staff photo by James Cullum)

Work is finally getting underway next week on a complete overhaul of the busy King/Callahan/Russell intersection.

Work is expected to start the first week of October. Drivers going through the intersection could expect delays and limited access from 9 a.m.-6  p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. on Saturday. Residents and commuters are warned to plan for potential delays.

“The City of Alexandria will begin construction on the King/Callahan/Russell Intersection Improvements Project starting in October,” Project Manager Reginald Arno said in a letter. “This project will redesign the intersection of King Street, Callahan Drive, and Russell Road to enhance mobility, access, and safety for all roadway users, as well as improve access to Alexandria Union Station and King Street Station.”

Designs for the new King/Callahan/Russell intersection (image via City of Alexandria)

Work on the intersection is scheduled to run through spring 2024.

Plans for the intersection include upgraded sidewalks, new crossings, and a new bike lane. According to a report, changes include:

  • A new pedestrian crossing of King Street on the west side of the intersection
  • Safer, more direct pedestrian crossings across King Street and Callahan Drive
  • Removal of the slip ramp to reduce vehicle turning speeds and improve safety
  • Removal of the concrete median islands
  • Converting the Masonic Temple service road from two-way to one-way southbound
  • A leading pedestrian interval (LPI) for all crossings, a safety measure that provides a head-start for people using the crosswalk
  • Upgraded sidewalks to provide more space, accessible ramps, and connection to the steps that lead to the Masonic Temple
  • Bike lanes on King Street to help people biking safely position themselves and navigate the intersection
  • New pedestrian signals where they are currently missing
  • Signal timing improvements to minimize delay