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Power outage in Alexandria on 11/2 (image via Dominion Energy)

(Updated 12:20 p.m.) Over 4,000 Dominion Energy customers were without power earlier today in a large outage covering a swath of central Alexandria, from Seminary Hill to Del Ray.

Dominion estimated 4,365 customers were impacted by the outage.

The outage was reported around 11:30, but was resolved by 12:20.

New utility poles installed by Dominion Energy (staff photo by Vernon Miles)

As in Arlington, the discussion of undergrounding power lines has been on the minds of a lot of folks in Alexandria.

The scope of outages hit a breaking point in Alexandria in 2021 when a widespread power outage derailed the Art on the Avenue festival, sparking a new battle between city leaders and Dominion Energy.

Dominion’s been working on improvements to the city’s infrastructure, but city leaders still say there’s a long way to go toward making the city’s power grid reliable.

Last year, Alan Bradshaw, vice president of strategic partnerships for Dominion Energy, told ALXnow that undergrounding all utilities in Alexandria would be outlandishly expensive.

Northern Virginia Magazine previously reported that the price tag for state-wide undergrounding is around $80 billion. Dominion has said undergrounding utilities isn’t just costly, it’s complicated as well — needing easements to access properties for undergrounding work.

So, like ARLnow, we’re wondering: should Dominion Energy step up its undergrounding efforts or are you mostly content with the current improvement plans?

Power outage in Alexandria on May 30 (image via Dominion Energy)

A power outage hit over 4,300 Dominion Energy customers across Alexandria, but within an hour it seems most of that has been restored..

Dominion Energy said there were 4,364 customers without power across Alexandria this morning, but as of 10:45 p.m. that was down to scattered pockets like 156 customers without power in North Ridge.

The cause is listed as a circuit going out and the estimated time of restoration was listed as between 1-4 p.m., but the outage was fixed within the hour.

The large-scale outage is the latest in an ongoing saga of outages in Alexandria. Dominion Energy said last year it would invest $17 million over the next three years to improve reliability in Alexandria.

Power outage on March 10 (photo via Dominion Energy)

(Updated 9:30 a.m.) Another day, another massive power outage in Alexandria. This time, there’s a corvid to blame.

There were around 4,251 residents in a stretch of Alexandria from the Braddock neighborhood up to Potomac Yard and Lynhaven without power this morning, according to Dominion Energy’s power outage map, though as of 9:20 a.m. the largest outage has been restored.

The cause for the outage is listed as “circuit out.” Dominion Energy spokesperson Peggy Fox said on social media that an investigation found a crow flew into a critical power line.

There was a second, overlapping outage in Arlandria, with another 489 customers without power, though as of 9:30 a.m. that seems to have been fixed too. The last remaining outage from this morning was at the southern end of Del Ray with 175 customers without power.

Del Ray was hit with a large power outage two days ago. Another in the Arlandria/Parkfairfax neighborhood last week affected 3,000 residents.

Alexandria had suffered repeated large-scale outages in recent years, including one infamous outage in 2021 that ruined the 2021 Art On The Avenue festival for many businesses in Del Ray.

Around this time last year, Dominion leadership spoke to Alexandria’s City Council and promised to invest $17 million into the utility company’s infrastructure in Alexandria to improve reliability. Some city leaders pushed for Dominion to underground more power lines — keeping them away from crows, just as an example — but Dominion leadership said the price of undergrounding across Alexandria was too “outlandish.”

Power outage in Del Ray (image via Dominion Energy)

Del Ray residents were in for a rude awakening this morning as many discovered early this morning that power to the neighborhood was out.

As of 8:45 a.m., most of that power has been restored, but Dominion said 367 residents at the north end of the neighborhood still remain in the dark.

The Dominion Energy map indicated restoration of power is estimated at sometime between noon and 3 p.m.

At the peak of the outage this morning there were around 2,100 Del Ray residents without power. Dominion Energy spokesperson Peggy Fox said on social media the outage was caused by an underground issue. The problem was isolated and both schools in the affected area have been restored.

Image via Dominion Energy

Arlandria and Parkfairfax outage (image via Dominion Energy)

Alexandria has just been hit with an outage that’s knocked out power to a large swath of the city’s Arlandria and Parkfairfax neighborhoods.

According to the Dominion Energy website, 3,240 residents are without power in Arlandria west of Mount Vernon Avenue, as well as Parkfairfax and parts of North Ridge and Shirlington.

The outage was reported around noon and the website lists the time of restoration as sometime between 4-7 p.m., though those estimates can sometimes be conservative.

The Dominion website said the outage was caused by an equipment problem and, as of 1 p.m., crews were assessing the damage.

Dominion has faced a public lashing from city leadership in the past over repeated outages. Last year, Dominion Energy said it would invest millions in preventing future Alexandria outages, though Dominion leadership also said undergrounding was not a cost-effective option city-wide.

Power outages in central Alexandria (image via Dominion Energy)

There are around 1,629 Alexandrians without power after this morning’s storms.

Most of those outages are in the city’s central Seminary Hill and Taylor Run neighborhoods.

There are 943 residents affected by the Seminary Hill outage and 608 in Taylor Run. There are other smaller outages throughout Old Town. The Dominion Energy website said crews are assessing the damage.

Alexandria isn’t alone, neighboring Arlington is starting to see significant outages as well.

Dominion’s outage map is available online.

Outage on Seminary Hill (image via Dominion Energy)

Updated 11:50 a.m. — As of around 11:30 a.m. the power outage was resolved

Earlier: Around 900 Alexandria residents are currently without power due to an outage near James K Polk Elementary School.

The school itself hasn’t been hit with the outage, but Dominion’s outage map says 895 of their neighbors have.

The cause of the outage is still under investigation. The area was also hit with outages during the storm last week.

The estimated time of restoration is between 1-4 p.m., though those tend to be conservative estimates.

Great Waves Waterpark (image via NOVA Parks)

While August may traditionally be a bit of a local news drought, several aquatic stories made a splash this week.

A major thunderstorm hit on Wednesday, but power outages across the city were generally much briefer than in the wake of other storms.

NOVA Parks also included Cameron Run Regional Park in a look at planning for its sites over the next few years.

On the crime front, there were several car-related incidents this week including a man who was arrested after driving down the wrong side of the road toward police.

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One of Alexandria’s power outages in the West End (image via Dominion Energy)

(Updated 5:15 p.m.) As a severe thunderstorm sweeps through Alexandria, Dominion Energy says there are around 2,992 customers in the city without power.

Dominion’s outage map showed that there was a large outage — 3,705 without power — along Duke Street and southern Seminary Hill that has since disappeared from the map. Another large outage — 1,557 customers — is reported just west between James K. Polk Elementary School and Beauregard Street.

As of 5 p.m., Alexandria is under severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings.


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