‘Low-Key Gnocchi’ pop-up opens in Del Ray

The owners of Del Ray’s District Biscuit have figured out another way to make some dough.

Last week, Alex Rosenberg and Michael Vidal opened their popup “Low-Key Gnocchi” at the restaurant (3401 Mount Vernon Avenue). They’re offering customers $10 servings of the Italian dumplings with a choice of three sauces — marinara, pesto and Alfredo.

“The sauces actually correspond with the colors of the Italian flag,” Rosenberg said. “We’re trying to bring affordable dinner options for the Del Ray community without them having to break the bank.”

Rosenberg was inspired by visiting a restaurant in New York City, and said that his new pop-up is part of a slowly expanding dinner menu. He also said that the marinara sauce Vidal is using comes from an old family recipe.

“Making pasta is an art, but the sauce that you pair it with is just as important,” he said. “Our chef has been practicing with an old family recipe for years, and it’s delicious.”

Low-Key Gnocchi is open from 2 to 8 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.