Alexandria businesses to start paying rent for on-street dining and shopping

Without discussion, the Alexandria City Council on Saturday (September 17) unanimously approved a proposal to charge rent to local businesses that use their street parking spaces for dining and shopping.

The new rule combines the city’s commercial parklet program with the outdoor dining program that was implemented during the pandemic.

Starting October 1, businesses will be charged:

  • $150 per linear foot for businesses along King Street, or $3,000 per space
  • $50 per linear foot in Arlandria and the West End, or $1,000 per space
  • $100 per linear foot for all other area, or $2,000 per space
  • $100 for the application fee and $30/$40 per day for reserved parking

Between 2020 and 2022, businesses throughout the city were forced to cater to customers with special rules. Amid pandemic shutdowns, restrictions were eased on outdoor dining, curbside pickups, and selling to-go alcoholic drinks.

The temporary parklet program was approved in May 2020, and the official program was approved in October 2021.

Now any business that wants to participate in the program will get a discount. Fees will be cut in half for any permit issued and validated between October 1, 2022, through September 30, 2023.

Any business participating in the City’s COVID-19 outdoor dining and retail program by using on-street parking spaces are approved through September 30. Those who want to continue with their in-street dining and shopping must reapply with the city.