Campagna Center in Old Town could be getting a facelift

A new permit filed with the City of Alexandria indicates that some changes could be underway for the Campagna Center at 418 South Washington Street.

The building, constructed in 1888, was once part of the Alexandria City Public Schools system as a school and later as administrative offices. It was converted into office space in 1981 and was purchased by local child education nonprofit Campagna Center in 1993.

The application lists a series of changes that make for a pretty extensive overhaul to the building. The Campagna Center is looking to replace all windows and sill around the building, replace the several brick walls and gates, create a new entrance at the main doorway on the west side (facing S. Washington Street) and create a new eastern entrance that will bring the building into code compliance.

Campagna Center entrance changes, image via City of Alexandria

Overall, a staff report on the proposed changes recommended approval.

“After careful review of the existing structure to identify existing historic fabric, staff supports the proposed alterations to the historic structure at 418 South Washington Street and recommends approval of the Certificate of Appropriateness [with conditions],” the report said.

The application is scheduled for review at the Board of Architectural Review on Wednesday, Feb. 2.

The full list of proposed changes are listed below the jump.

Permit to Demolish/Capsulate

  • Remove all existing windows
  • Remove portion of brick below window sills at ground floor west elevation
  • Remove exterior entry stairs and entry door, surrounds, and transom at west elevation
  • Remove portion of brick below existing ground floor window and remove brick for
    installation of three new windows on the south elevation
  • Remove brick at infilled windows on east elevation.
  • Remove entry door, surround, and transom at east elevation
  • Remove exterior egress stair and second floor entry door at north elevation.
  • Remove brick at infilled openings in four locations and remove brick for installation of
    three new windows on the north elevation.
  • Regrade site at north end of building to create outdoor patio and expose portion of historic
    exterior wall.

Certificate of Appropriateness

  • New windows to be installed throughout. Windows to be double glazed, aluminum clad
    wood, single hung with transom to match configuration of historic windows.
  • All existing wood window sills to be replaced in-kind
  • New brick wall and metal gate to be installed to enclose new exterior patio at north end of
  • New brick mechanical unit enclosure at north end of site
  • Existing ground floor window openings at west elevation to be modified with lower sills
  • New entry door storefront to be installed at location of existing entry door on west elevation
  • Existing ground floor window openings at south elevation to be modified with lower sills
    and three new windows installed
  • Existing entry and two windows on east elevation to be infilled with metal panels in a
    pattern to match the existing windows.
  • New entry stairs, ramp, door, and canopy installed at east elevation.
  • Three new windows and four existing window openings modified with lower sills at north