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DASH Takes Hit to Ridership, Will Operate on Weekend Schedule

Starting Thursday, Alexandria’s DASH bus system will operate on an enhanced weekend schedule in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

DASH General Manager Josh Baker tells ALXnow that ridership has already decreased significantly.

“We’re estimating a 70% to 80% ridership decrease already,” Baker said. “Our new schedule reduces the frequency of buses on the routes. During the weekday we have huge spikes of buses out there and this is not needed. Nobody is riding, so we are maintaining an enhanced core service.”

On any given day, DASH will have upward of 180 drivers on Alexandria’s roadways, but now that number will be closer to about 45 drivers, Baker said.

“The operations team has also scaled down, so less people are in office, and with less buses on road we’re able to spread out our maintenance department so that technicians aren’t working together,” Baker said.

The full schedule for DASH riders is below:

As part of a wider effort to protect the health and safety of the Alexandria community and DASH employees, DASH will implement an Enhanced Saturday Operating Plan on weekdays, beginning Thursday, March 19. No changes are anticipated to weekend service.

Most routes will follow their regular DASH Saturday timetables. However, the following list provides a summary of service that will be provided. Full route timetables for the Enhanced Saturday Operating Plan can be found at

  • AT-1 Plus: Route will operate on its Saturday schedule (every 30 min.) with extra trips added to achieve 15-minute peak service. Early morning trips beginning at 5:15 a.m. will also be provided.
  • AT-2: Route will operate on its Saturday schedule with additional trips to achieve all-day 30-minute service. Early morning trips will also be added, starting at 5:23 a.m.
  • AT-2X: Mark Center Express route will operate during peak periods. AT-2 or AT-2X buses will run every 15 minutes between King Street Metro and the Mark Center during peak periods.
  • AT-3: Route will operate every 40 minutes during peak periods from Braddock Road Metro to the Pentagon Metro. AT-3 passengers in Old Town can use alternate routes such as the AT3/4, AT-7 or Metrobus 10A/10B.
  • AT-4: Route will operate every 40 minutes during peak periods from Braddock Road Metro to the Pentagon Metro. AT-4 passengers in Old Town can use alternate routes such as the AT-2, AT-3/4, AT-5, AT-8 or Metrobus 10A/10B.
  • AT-3/4: Route will operate on its regular Saturday schedule.
  • AT-5: Route will operate on its regular Saturday schedule with additional trips in the early morning beginning at 5:30 a.m.
  • AT-6: No service. Passengers may use the AT-5 or the AT-9 alternate routes.
  • AT-7: Route will operate between Eisenhower Metrorail Station and Lee Center every 30 minutes throughout the day (NOTE: Bus service along Eisenhower Avenue will be provided by the AT-5, per the regular Saturday schedule).
  • AT-8: Route will operate on its Saturday schedule with additional trips during peak periods to achieve 15-minute headways between Landmark Mall and King Street Metro. Additional trips will also be added during the early morning beginning at 5:12 a.m.
  • AT-9: Route will operate on its regular Saturday schedule.
  • AT-10: Route will operate on its regular Saturday schedule.
  • King Street Trolley: The Trolley will operate on its regular Saturday schedule.

The above service plan is subject to change without advance notice based on staffing levels and recommendations from public health officials. Please subscribe for DASH e-mail alerts ( or follow us on social media (@DASHBus) for service change updates.

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