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Meet the distinguished Kipper who is up for adoption with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

This 9-year-old is a gray and white short-haired cat who enjoys napping. While a big fan of napping, when he’s awake you’ll have the privilege of seeing his brilliant, startling green eyes. And he also has amazingly soft fur, according to AWLA spokesperson Gina Hardter.

“Kipper’s a chill fellow who would say his favorite hobby is watching the world go by, whether it’s from a window perch or by the side of his best friend,” Hardter said.

Be sure to stop by and visit Kipper today.

Find out more about Kipper by checking out his complete profile!

Schedule a time to meet Kipper by emailing [email protected] or call 703-746-4774.


The adoption fees for a pair of tabby cat brothers are covered in Alexandria.

It’s hard to tell apart Pakizim and his brother Pistikim, since both two-year-old cats have similar personalities.

“Both are inquisitive, affectionate and playful, rushing to greet you as you enter their enclosure to solicit attention with head butts and meows,” said Gina Hardter, a spokesperson with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. “But they are equally happy playing with a wide variety of toys together, with their goofy antics amusing everyone they meet.”

Through the month of December, it’s two for the price of none, because Pistikim and Pakizim’s adoption fees have been pre-paid by Priority Automotive as part of the AWLA’s Home for the Pawlidays event. Schedule time to meet them both at

Bonded seniors Sophie (left) and Joey are getting into the “pawliday” spirit while seeking a new family. (courtesy DeSilva Studios)

Twelve-year-old bonded canine sisters Sophie and Joey are looking for a new home in Alexandria, and their adoption fees are covered.

Their previous owner can’t take care of the dogs any more, and the pair have spent their entire lives together.

“Even on the first day they came to us, you could tell that they didn’t want to be apart, not even for a moment,” said Elena Carver, the AWLA’s Veterinary & Foster Care Manager. “But when they were together, they completely opened up. Suddenly this new place wasn’t as scary to them.”

The AWLA wants to help every animal find a loving home this holiday season. In the case of Joey and Sophie, that home needs to be big enough for two charming senior canines. That’s why, as part of the AWLA’s Home for the Pawlidays event, running through the end of December, adoption fees have been paid by Priority Automotive for all adult animals, including Sophie and Joey.

“Every animal deserves a loving family, regardless of their age,” said AWLA Executive Director Stella Hanly. “Sophie and Joey have given so much love in their lives and they have so much more to give.”

Joey and Sophie are available for adoption or for temporary foster. To schedule time to meet them for adoption, email [email protected]. To learn more about providing them with a shelter break by fostering them in your home, email [email protected].

(On left) Anna Fitzgerald with new owners of The Dog Park (705 King Street) Noelie Rickey and Markos Panas.(via Instagram)

Bread & Water Co. just got into the pet store business.

The restaurant company recently finalized its purchase of The Dog Park at 705 King Street. The dog and cat boutique has been owned and operated the last 12 years by Anna Franklin, who thanked her customers on Instagram

“As some of you may already know, I have officially sold The Dog Park,” Franklin wrote. “These past 12+ years have been more than I could have hoped.”

New owners Markos Panas, Noelle Rickey and Doug Abedje opened their first business, Bread and Water, in the Belle View Shopping Center. They also own Beeliner Diner in the Bradlee Shopping Center and the Bun Papa sandwich restaurants.

Rickey was a former veterinary technician for 10 years and has a lengthy background in retail.

“We have a lot of work to do, but my hope and goal is to make something that is successful, does good for the community and can grow,” Panas said. “This is all one day at a time, but I’m excited about the opportunities to be an active member of the community.”

Panas said that the deal has been months in the works, and that his partners also recently became members of the Chamber ALX and the Old Town Business Association.

“We’re going to offer food subscriptions with online ordering,” Panas said. “There’s also a dog grooming station built out in the back that has ever been used. So, we’re going to do something with that. We’re also going to do a lot of public events.”

Photo via The Dog Park/Instagram

Axel is up for adoption with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. (via AWLA)

Axel is a bit of a neat freak.

The two-year-old male black American rabbit is up for adoption with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, and all this month his adoption fees are covered by a generous donor as part of the organization’s annual Home for the Pawlidays adoption event.

Like a cat, Axel has been house trained and uses his litter box to keep his space clean.

“Axel is all about self-care and prefers a day of snacking, cuddling and just generally lazing with his favorite humans,” said AWLA spokesperson Gina Hardter. “American rabbits are known for their sweet temperaments, but Axel can also be described as friendly, curious and a whole lot of fun.”

Schedule time to meet Axel by emailing [email protected] or calling 703-746-4774 (opt. 2).

Loki is up for adoption with the AWLA. (Courtesy photo)

Inquisitive cat Loki is up for adoption in Alexandria.

The four-year-old black and white male domestic short-haired cat isn’t as mischievous as his name suggests, said Gina Hardter, spokesperson with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

“Loki is the ultimate lapcat, and even in his current office environment, you can still generally find him on a staff lap in front of the computer,” Hardter said. “Loki’s also an inquisitive gent, who likes to know what’s going on in the world around him, whether it’s watching visitors at the door or checking out the birds through the window.”

Learn more about Loki by going to or calling 703-746-4774.


Zen kitty Callie is looking for a new home in Alexandria.

The 13-year-old female domestic longhaired brown and gray tabby cat is up for adoption with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

“Callie has gorgeous long fur, and would love the help of a personal stylist who can help her keep it brushed and fluffy,” said AWLA spokesperson Gina Hardter. “Callie is the ultimate zen kitty, who would love to be by your side for a variety of calming activities, from reading a book to taking in a movie marathon to watching the world go by outside the window.”

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and Callie’s adoption fees are waived for the rest of the month. Schedule time to meet her by emailing [email protected] or calling 703-746-4774 (opt. 2).


Adam has puppy dog eyes that are out of sight.

The five-year-old Lab mix is up for adoption with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

“At 65 pounds, Adam may seem large, but he promises that he’s the perfect size lapdog,” said AWLA spokesperson Gina Hardter. “Adam is the prize winner for Best Puppy Dog Eyes here at the AWLA, with his big brown pools that win over all his visitors.”

Schedule time to meet Adam by emailing [email protected] or calling 703-746-4774 (opt. 2).


Little Lola looks good for being 12 years old. The black and white domestic short-haired cat looks and acts half her age, according to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and all month long adoption fees are being lifted for AWLA’s senior pets.

“Lola has lived with cats her whole life (including the also adoptable Regina) and would be open to a variety of household types, including those with built-in feline friends,” said Gina Hardter, spokesperson for the AWLA. “As a super senior, Lola has years of best friend experience, and she’s happy to share that with her new human family.”

Schedule time to meet Lola by emailing [email protected] or calling 703-746-4774 (opt. 2).


Like his name, hanging out with Whirlpool the cat is relaxing. The 17-month-old male gray tabby cat with piercing golden eyes is up for adoption with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

Whirlpool is currently enjoying a stay with one of the AWLA’s foster caregivers, where he has built a collection of blanket nests throughout the home where you can find him lounging throughout the day.

“”Looking for someone to tell about your day?” asked AWLA spokesperson Gina Hardter. “Once Whirlpool feels comfortable in his new home, he’s an affectionate fellow who loves to let his human friends know when it’s time for ear and chin scratches by gently butting them with his head.”

Learn more about Whirlpool and schedule time to meet him from his foster home by emailing [email protected] or calling 703-746-4774 (opt. 2).


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