Alexandria considering more tax relief for elderly and disabled residents

Elderly Alexandrians could find it a little easier to get tax relief this year.

A new amendment being considered at a City Council meeting on Saturday, May 18, would increase the allowable gross household income in the city’s Real Estate Tax Relief program for the Elderly and Disabled.

Essentially, starting in this tax year, the threshold for incomes that qualify for tax relief will go up and allow more elderly and disabled residents to get tax relief.

Elderly and disable residents who made $40,000 and below qualified for 100% tax relief. Now, that will go up to $55,000.

Those who made between $40,001-55,000 qualified for 50% tax relief, but that will go from $55,001-72,000.

Those who made between $55,001-72,000 qualified for 25% tax relief, but that will go up to $72,001-$100,000.

Elderly and disabled tax relief chart image via City of Alexandria)

A memo noted that the change is estimated to add approximately 253 potential applicants to the Tax Relief program and would create a $1.03 million general fund real estate revenue reduction, which was already baked into the FY 2025 adopted budget.