Spring2ACTion eclipses goal and raises $2.9 million for Alexandria nonprofits

(Photo via Runningbrooke/Facebook)

Alexandria’s biggest giving day has done it again. On Wednesday, ACT for Alexandria raised $2.9 million for 188 nonprofits.

The final tally will keep changing as donations will continue on the Spring2ACTion website until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 28.

Spring2ACTion is the main annual fundraiser for most of the participating nonprofits. It’s also the second straight year that ACT for Alexandria eclipsed their $2.5 million goal by collecting $2.9 million.

The top three recipients are Move2Learn with $152,086, Carpenter’s Shelter with $150,214 and Casa Chirilagua with $89,610. It’s the second straight year that Move2Learn won the top spot.

“We are so grateful for all of the 7,325 donors, 188 nonprofits, 67 businesses, and 33 sponsors that participated in this year’s incredible event,” said Heather Peeler, President and CEO of ACT for Alexandria. “Alexandria’s nonprofits do so much for our community and today’s outpouring of support means that they can continue to provide critical programs and services in the months to come.”

Peeler said that 67 Alexandria businesses donated a portion of their proceeds toward the effort. She also said that, after working to collect millions, her staff of seven employees will be taking the next two days off to collect themselves.

“It takes a lot of planning and preparation, even though it seems like it all happened in one day,” Peeler said. “Every year feels a little different for different reasons… What hasn’t changed is that deep commitment to serving our nonprofit community. It’s astounding.”

Spring2ACTion has raised more than $23 million over the last 14 years.

Spring2ACTion Top 10:

  1. Move2Learn | Powered by Runningbrooke raised $152,286 from 157 donors
  2. Carpenter’s Shelter raised $150,214 from 272 donors
  3. Casa Chirilagua raised $89,610 from 270 donors
  4. ALIVE! raised $80,804 from 352 donors
  5. Alexandria Tutoring Consortium raised $79,440 from 204 donors
  6. Stop Child Abuse Now of Northern Virginia raised 76,527 from 102 donors
  7. The Campagna Center raised $63,229 from 86 donors
  8. King Street Cats raised $60,101 from 460 donors
  9. Space of Her Own, Inc. raised $59,400 from 164 donors
  10. Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic Association raised $57,098 from 122 donors