New report says Alexandria’s service request hotline is gradually getting more responsive

(photo via Alex311/Facebook)

Over time, Alexandria’s Alex311 service hotline has been getting better at responding to requests from locals.

The City of Alexandria usually gets a little over 30,000 requests through the Alex311 hotline. Those range from reports of missed trash collection to questions about trees and potholes.

A new presentation, scheduled to go to the City Council on Wednesday, April 24, showed that the Alex311 has gradually been getting more responsive and passed its goal last year.

Last year, Alex311 completed 84% of service requests within the estimated service resolution timeframe. That varies by the request, from 3 to 240 business days based on the complexity of the request.

That’s an increase over 76% in FY2022 and 72% in FY2021.

Alex311 stats (image via City of Alexandria)

The report also said changes have been made behind the scenes to communicate more of the Alex311 requests to City Council. There’s a City Council liaison assigned as a point of contact to ask “non-routine questions,” who will then work with departments to get a response within seven business days.

The City Council also now receives a file of all requests submitted to all members of the City Council every week. The reports include details on the status of the request and responses from department staff.

Photo via Alex311/Facebook