Alexandrians watch eclipse together at Ben Brenman Park

Over the last few days, Alexandrians have endured an asteroid impact, the tremors of a distant earthquake, and now: a solar eclipse.

At a viewing party at Ben Brenman Park, hundreds of Alexandrians came together to observe the eclipse through special glasses.

Fidelis Msacky watched with his fiancee Tanya Borachi.

The couple live nearby and bought their viewing glasses on Amazon.

“What’s cool for me is how the next eclipse is so far away,” said Msacky. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that we can experience.”

Borachi said that the turnout for the cosmic event at the park was uplifting.

“People really went all-out,” she said. “That’s really cool to see everybody out here watching this.”

James Cullum and Vernon Miles contributed to this story