Alexandria ranked in top 20 places for families

The Old Town Alexandria waterfront (staff photo by Jay Westcott)

Just behind Iowa City but just above Peachtree Corners, Fortune Magazine listed Alexandria as the 18th best place in the country to raise a family.

While it’s not as high as other rankings, Fortune Magazine described Alexandria’s dining scene and lively neighborhoods as major attractions.

The ranking emerged from an evaluation of 1,900 cities, towns, suburbs and more.

“Alexandria offers copious fine dining and shopping choices along its walkable streets and a real sense of community in its many residential neighborhoods, such as Del Ray and Cameron Station,” Fortune wrote. “Lively King Street in the area of Old Town offers shopping from both local boutiques and national retail stores. Outdoor dining along the waterfront is also a favorite seasonal activity come summer.”

Fortune does, however, commit the unforgivable sin of conflating Alexandria and Fairfax.

“Both Fairfax County Public Schools and Alexandria City Public School districts service the kids of Alexandria,” Fortune wrote. “The Thomas Jefferson High for Science and Technology has received numerous accolades for fostering student achievement and college preparedness.”

A City of Alexandria release noted the ranking placed Alexandria as the top city in Virginia. The overall top place to raise a family, according to Fortune, is Cambridge, Massachusetts.