Alexandria’s gun-related crime skyrocketed 100% in 2022

A heat map showing all shots fired calls for service in the City of Alexandria from January 2018 to Feb. 27, 2023 (via City of Alexandria)

Alexandria’s gun-related crimes increased 100% from 2022 over 2021, according to a police report that will be presented to City Council next Tuesday.

The Alexandria Police Department released the city’s Part I (crimes against people) and Part II (nuisance crimes) statistics for 2022 this week, and included are the reported numbers of homicides, rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults and more.

“Violent crimes have decreased 12.2% in 2022 compared to 2021,” APD reported. “Despite this, gun crimes (all incident types) have increased 100% compared to 2021 (152 from 76 incidents).”

APD reported that it is operating under “minimal staffing levels” and that the department is working “to address gun violence with direct personnel response and technology developments.”

Among those developments is a “gunshot detection system pilot” for the department. Additionally, starting next month, police will roll out their body worn camera program.

Mayor Justin Wilson said that the city is not immune to rising violence.

“Alexandria is not immune to the rising violence facing our region and nation,” Wilson told ALXnow. “During last year’s budget we made new investments in police resources devoted to investigating gun crimes. We recently admitted our largest-ever class at the Police Academy and this year’s proposed budget has large investments to further address staffing challenges.”

“But police are not the only solution for these challenges,” he continued. “We are expanding investments in the upstream programs that reduce the incidences of crime in our community.”

There were six homicides last year, up from two in 2021. Robberies also rose 30% (108 incidents in 2022), larcenies increased 7% (2,593 incidents) and Auto thefts jumped 18% ( 315 incidents). Aggravated assaults are the only Part I crime statistic that fell, going down 29% (172 incidents).

There is a total increase of 5% in Part I incidents, with 3,361 incidents reported in 2022. The city’s Part I crime stats are below.

Additionally, destruction of property/vandalism incidents climbed 13% in 2022, with 1,320 incidents reported. Drugs and narcotics offenses also climbed 53% (295 incidents), drunkenness increased 17% (344 incidents) and driving under the influence incidents rose 10% (344 incidents).

There is a total increase of 17% in Part II incidents, with 2,330 incidents reported in 2022. Alexandria’s Part II crime stats are below.