Alexandria replacing its oldest Capital Bikeshare stations

It’s been 12 years since Alexandria joined the Capital Bikeshare network and it’s starting to show on some of the city’s oldest stations.

After more than decade, some of the stations have started to show some wear and tear. A memo from Hillary Orr, deputy director of Transportation & Environmental Services, said after years of expansion the City of Alexandria is focusing this year on replacing some of those older stations.

“Additionally, 21 existing stations that are approaching the end of their useful life will be replaced and 9 additional new stations will be installed in the next year,” the Orr wrote.

Along with the replacement of the city’s oldest stations, the city is working on updating the bike maps to not only show all bikeshare locations, but also bike lanes, trails, significant uphill climbs, notable destinations and more.

There are currently 61 stations across the city, with the most recent installation at Mandeville Lane and Stovall Street last September.

Ridership grew steadily until it peaked at 85,707 riders in 2017. It declined from 2018 to 2021, but surged back last year.

“In the City, there were 5,735 trips per month on average in 2022 and 189 trips per day,” Orr wrote. “July had the highest rider total with 9,122 trips and 294 per day on average.”

Bikeshare ridership in Alexandria (image via City of Alexandria)

The capital costs of bikeshare replacement are covered by VDOT grants and developer contributions.

“The City currently has approximately $750,000 in developer contributions and expects 4-5 new developments to be ready for a new station over the next year,” Orr wrote.