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Covid numbers going down in Alexandria, three more residents die

Coronavirus illustration (Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash)

Three more Alexandria residents have died of COVID-19 over the last two weeks, while an uptick in cases has slightly dipped.

There were 32 new cases reported on Dec. 28 (Wednesday) in Alexandria, and the Virginia Department of Health has not updated its figures over the last two days.

The number of reported cases now stands at 44,038, and the seven-day average of new cases is 39, down from 42.7 two weeks ago.

Daily coronavirus counts over the past 13 weeks in Alexandria. (Via VDH)

Alexandria’s Community Levels remains low, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nine residents have died from Covid in the last 13 weeks. Six of the residents were in their 80s, and the other residents were in their 70s, 50s and 40s. No children or teens in Alexandria have died from the virus.

There have been 1,168 new cases reported so far in December.

  • 32 new cases on Dec. 28
  • 29 new cases on Dec. 27
  • 17 new cases on Dec. 26
  • 36 new cases on Dec. 25
  • 44 new cases on Dec. 24
  • 63 new cases on Dec. 23
  • 52 new cases on Dec. 22
  • 80 new cases on Dec. 21
  • 28 new cases on Dec. 20
  • 21 new cases on Dec. 19
  • 44 new cases on Dec. 18
  • 63 new cases on Dec. 17
  • 51 new cases on Dec. 16
  • 49 new cases on Dec. 15
  • 69 new cases on Dec. 14
  • 65 new cases on Dec. 13
  • 19 new cases on Dec. 12
  • 34 new cases on Dec. 11
  • 53 new cases on Dec. 10
  • 43 new cases on Dec. 9
  • 46 new cases on Dec. 8
  • 54 new cases on Dec. 7
  • 30 new cases on Dec. 6
  • 13 new cases on Dec. 5
  • 29 new cases on Dec. 4
  • 18 new cases on Dec. 3
  • 47 new cases on Dec. 2
  • 39 new cases on Dec. 1

Below are the monthly totals for the rest of 2022.

  • January — 12,822 new cases
  • February — 1,227 new cases
  • March — 593 new cases
  • April — 1,488 new cases
  • May — 2,900 new cases
  • June — 2,357 new cases
  • July — 2,396 new cases
  • August — 1,499 new cases
  • September — 991 new cases
  • October — 526 new cases
  • November — 626 new cases

Where to find Covid tests

Residents can get rapid COVID-19 test kits at the city’s libraries, and kits are limited to seven per-person. Covid tests can also be found for kids within Alexandria City Public Schools and a full list of testing options is available on the city’s website.

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