Office of Historic Alexandria is raising rental fees at six venues

It’s about to get pricier to host events in buildings operated by the Office of Historic Alexandria (OHA).

On Wednesday, along with passing the fiscal year 2025 budget and considering other fee increases, City Council will consider OHA’s proposal to adjust renting out space at the following venues:

OHA has long rented out The Lyceum to the public, while the other venues were available but not advertised.

If approved by Council, renting out space at Gadsby’s Tavern Museum will double, from $100 to $200 per hour with food and beverages, or to $150 per hour without refreshment.

It will also cost $3,000 to get married and have a reception (for nine hours) at the Lyceum, an increase of $400. It also costs $400 for every extra hour.

OHA Director Gretchen Bulova said that more opportunities at the locations opened over the last year with the hiring of a rental coordinator. She also said that fee increases are conducted periodically, with the last made in 2021. Birthday parties in one room will increase from $350 to $500, and from $700 to $1,000 for the use of two rooms.

“Now you have opportunity to host something, whereas before we used those spaces for our own public programming,” Bulova said.

Special events at the Friendship Firehouse Museum are proposed to increase from $1,400 to $2,000.

“We do this every couple of years,” Bulova said. “We still offer discounts for community groups and nonprofits, and I think this is more in line with pricing in 2024.”