Crown Castle Fiber hoping to expand fiber optic cable plans for Virginia Tech’s Potomac Yard campus

The Virginia Tech Innovation Campus, as seen from the Potomac Yard Metro station (staff photo by James Cullum)

Crown Castle Fiber wants to expand its fiber optic cable plans for Potomac Yard.

While Crown Castle Fiber hasn’t been in the headlines as much as rival Ting, it has been positioning itself to take the lead in providing new fiber optic cable for the Virginia Tech campus in Potomac Yard.

A prior agreement back in 2022 let Crown Castle Fiber lay some groundwork in Potomac Yard and the West End. An updated agreement in 2023 allowed Crown Castle to install 400 feet of fiber at 1737 King Street.

Now, Crown Castle wants to add an additional 600-foot conduit and fiber optic cable at 3625 Potomac Avenue for the new Virginia Tech campus. Crown Castle is also filing to build infrastructure there and along Commonwealth Avenue near Lynhaven.

The additional fiber route is scheduled for review at the Saturday, April 13 meeting of the City Council.