For-profit university applies to move into vacant Eisenhower Avenue office

2900 Eisenhower Avenue (image via Google Maps)

For-profit Washington University of Science and Technology could be moving into a vacant office on Eisenhower Avenue that was formerly a Stratford University campus.

Washington University of Science and Technology is a for-profit university based out of Tysons. The school is applying to a new location in a 4-story commercial office building at 2900 Eisenhower Avenue. The building was previously approved for special use as a private academic school in 2013, but the location closed in October 2022 when the Stratford shut down.

“The building has the capability for 494 classroom seats with an auditorium and space for an educational restaurant,” the application said. “The SUP notes Stratford had a maximum enrollment of 900 with 160 students per session (3 sessions per day), an average of 55 staff members per session, and hours of operation 8:30 a.m.-11 p.m.”

The application says Washington University of Science and Technology plans to use the space basically the same way, with a few modifications.

“We have a similar active student population comparable to the 900 students quoted by Stratford University, and with almost half of the classes being offered online, we do not expect to come close to exceeding the quoted 160 students/session,” the school said.

Washington University of Science and Technology said the school doesn’t offer a culinary program, so conditions regarding the accessory restaurants won’t be applicable.

“We look forward to working with and serving the Alexandria community,” the school said.

Photo via Google Maps