Notes: Metro requiring sobriety checks after Alexandria’s drunk train operator fiasco

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The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is implementing new sobriety checks on train operators after an incident last December involving an intoxicated train operator in Alexandria, the Washington Post reported.

The Metro operator, who was arrested on suspicion of operating a train while intoxicated, blew right past Alexandria’s Van Dorn Street Metro station and was unresponsive to calls from the control center for around 45 minutes.

The train came to a halt outside the Van Dorn Street Metro station but before reaching Franconia-Springfield.

The new regulations put more responsibility on supervisors to check on split-shift operators — those who have two different shifts at different times of the day — before their second shift starts. If the supervisor can’t reach an operator before their shift, that person is not allowed to work until the supervisor can make contact.

King Street metro (Staff Photo by Jay Westcott)

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