A Ruth Bader Ginsburg collar up for auction in Alexandria

Auction website showing Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s metallic collar (image via Potomack Company)

One of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s iconic collars is up for auction at Alexandria’s Potomack Company auction house, Alexandria Living Magazine first reported.

Ginsburg’s collars were an iconic symbol of the justice that became particularly notable in tributes to the Supreme Court Justice after her death in 2020.

According to The Potomack Company:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) became known for the iconic collars she wore on the bench. The Pegasus limited edition bib by Stella & Dot, hand-made of metallic feathers sewn to silk organza cascade, was said to be one of her favorite collars. She chose to wear it for the official 2018 Supreme Court justices photograph, which was taken her first day back after recovering from a fall that fractured her ribs. The collar sent the unspoken – but very clear – message that the justice was back in action and ready for duty. When previously asked when there will be enough women on the court, she replied, “When there are nine.”

The starting bid is $100,000 and it is estimated to sell for between $200,000-400,000.

The company noted that four of her collars are in museums, including another iconic lace collar.

“This Pegasus collar was featured in a Time magazine commemorative article not long after Ginsburg died in 2020, and will be included in the forthcoming book, ‘The Collars of RBG: A Portrait of Justice’ by Elinor Carucci and Sara Bader,” the auction house wrote. “Time called the justice a fashion pioneer, stating she subtly encoded ‘meaning in her dress.’ The Ginsburg family shared details with Time about the collars represented in the article.”

The auction house previously handled the sale of Ginsburg’s art and other memorabilia.

The Potomack Company is also auctioning a piece of lace from the Washington family and given to painter Gilbert Stuart for a portrait.

“This lace fragment worn by George Washington is accompanied by a small handwritten note outlining its provenance tying Martha Washington to a story of artistic intrigue,” the company wrote.
“The note states, ‘This piece of lace was cut from a shirt of Gen. Washington, which was given by Mrs. Washington to Gilbert Stuart, that he might copy the ruffle, in a portrait of the Gen.'”

The current bid is $800, with the item estimated to sell for between $1,500-2,500.