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City opens up with new info about ‘West End City Hall’ plans

4850 Mark Center Drive. (Courtesy photo)

Starting next year, Alexandria residents in the city’s West End won’t have to go into Old Town or various offices scattered around the city to access services.

The Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS), currently spread out into eight locations across the city, is coming together with a few other city departments in the new Redella S. “Del” Pepper Community Resource Center (4850 Mark Center Drive) — named for the longtime City Council member who retired last year.

“The facility will include the Department of Community and Human Services, the Alexandria Health Department, Neighborhood Health, and a West End Service Center with a Permit Center, Finance Department transaction functions and limited Clerk of Court services,” the city said in a release.

The exact date of the move is still unknown, the city’s website said supply chain issues have forced it to change some of the more specific plans.

The West End location is also located closer to a high concentration of residents in the city’s more densely populated West End. City Council member John Chapman called it the ‘West End City Hall‘.

The city said the goal is to create a central location to address Alexandrians’ needs in a way the tight confines of the historic City Hall doesn’t allow.

According to the city’s website:

The primary benefit is the creation of a ‘one-stop shop’ for clients with seamless transition between related services including a ‘no wrong door’ approach, so that clients experience a continuum of services available at all points of entry… A new location also affords the opportunity to recreate the workspace to allow for client-centered spaces as well as improved work environments for staff including training and collaboration spaces. Workspace priorities include creating safe welcoming environments for clients, more space for client privacy, and a setting where clients can learn about and access DCHS programs and services as well as those of partner agencies.

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