Well-Paid Maids Makes It Even Easier to Schedule a Home Cleaning

Well-Paid Maids recently unveiled a new scheduling system.

That means it’s easier than ever to book your professional home cleaning with the only certified living-wage home cleaning service in the D.C. area.

Here’s what to expect when you book your cleaning:

  1. Select your location.

  2. Choose your service (i.e. 1 BD/1BA). (This is also where you’ll see the rate.)

  3. Pick your cleaner. (If you don’t have a preference, opt for “any available.”)

  4. Schedule a date and time. You can also set up recurring cleanings and get a discount!

  5. Enter your information and reserve.

Your credit card is required, but you won’t get charged until the day of your booking. You can also reschedule and make changes to your appointment yourself, if needed.

Have questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 202-715-1646. Book your cleaning today – we look forward to serving you soon!