Openings for Counseling — Anxiety & Grief

Jane Hanley counsels women who are feeling extra anxiety and sadness, helping them rebuild self-compassion, strength and a renewed sense of purpose. If a client has weathered a painful storm recently, she can help them process their experience safely so they can heal and fully reflect on their experience.  Doing so helps her clients ultimately live life to the fullest.

Clients feel safe with Jane to not put on the happy face the rest of the world might demand of us.  Sessions are definitely a place where it’s ok to not be ok.  That comfort to feel and experience ultimately fosters self knowledge, growth and room for more emotions to flourish, such as joy and motivation.

Jane lives in Alexandria with her husband and their dogs, Tallulah and Ivy. In her spare time, she is a host with The Dinner Party, a fantastic organization that builds community around grief. For fun, she enjoys cooking, looking for the DC area’s best Tex-Mex, and rooting for the New England Patriots.  Schedule your free consultation at