New Nails Salon in Old Town Alexandria

Located in the city of Alexandria, VA 22314, Casabella Salon differentiates itself from other nail salons with top-notch services, where every technician goes above and beyond to exceed their customers’ expectations.
Nail Services. We offer full-range nail techniques from regular polishes to gel (liquid/hard/Gel-X), acrylics, and dip powders.
Huge Collection. Choose your favorite length, shape, color, and design, then our technicians will harmonize everything into a masterpiece on your hands. We frequently update new nail colors for your various choices.
Mani & Pedi Sessions. We have a wide variety of hand and foot spa services, from classic care to intensive treatment, guaranteed to be pampering to every joint and muscle.
High-quality Products. We carefully select spa products (lotions, masks, scrubs, creams) from famous cosmetic brands to ensure they are vegan and beneficial for your health.