How to save money on every home cleaning with Well-Paid Maids

Good news, D.C. area. You can save money on your next home cleaning with Well-Paid Maids. It’s easy!

We offer a discount when you set up recurring cleans — and the discounts just increased this week!

For weekly cleans, get $30 off each cleaning.

For biweekly cleans, get $25 off each cleaning.

For monthly cleans, get $20 off each cleaning.

When you schedule your cleaning, just use the coupon codes “weekly,” “biweekly” or “monthly.” (You’ll see instructions when you book!)

Be sure you schedule at least four recurring cleanings to secure the discount. You can always reschedule if your appointment is more than three business days out. And you won’t be charged until the day of your appointment.

When you book recurring cleanings with Well-Paid Maids, you save money and support a company that’s doing good. Cleaners, who are W-2 employees, earn at least $24 an hour and get offered benefits. We take care of your employees — and they take care of your home!

Oh, and if you fall in love with a cleaner after one visit? You can always book your next cleanings with them!