Holistic Physical Therapy for Active Moms

Active Alexandria Moms:

Are you struggling with pain during and after pregnancy?

Dealing with leakage while coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping, running, or exercise?

Feeling like your core and muscle strength and endurance isn’t quite what it used to be?

Unsure how to safely return to active hobbies, exercise, and running without pain or injury?

Book your free 15-minute consultation today, and speak with a therapist to discuss your challenges and how Foundations Physical Therapy can help you.

Foundations Physical Therapy specializes in getting active moms back to what they love to do. Whether it’s been one month or several years, we work with women throughout their postpartum journey, ensuring a comfortable and safe return to exercise, intimacy, and everyday activities. We teach women how to avoid injury from the challenges of life, work and childcare, promoting full recovery from the physical challenges of motherhood.

We also work with women during their pregnancy to maximize function, prepare the patient’s body for childbirth, and reduce incidence of pain and compensation as the body changes to accommodate baby’s growth.

Foundations’ hour-long, 1:1 appointments allow us to holistically address pain, tightness, weakness, and compensation, giving you solutions that work for your busy life. Our head-to-toe approach helps women understand exactly where their symptoms are coming from, and our focused, hands-on treatment, exercise, and education puts you back in control of your well-being.

Wherever you are in your journey, we want to help you recover your strength and confidence in your body.