Family of a Shiba Inu missing from Alexandria since April 10th

August, a sweet female Shiba Inu, has gone missing in the Landmark area of Alexandria, VA, at the intersection of Duke St and N Paxton. She went missing April 10th, just before 3 PM. At the time of the disappearance, she was under the care of a colleague of her owners, who are currently overseas. Despite efforts to locate the dog, there have been no sightings, which suggests that someone may have taken her. Hundreds of flyers have been distributed within a 3 mile radius of where she went missing, thanks to friends of the colleague and caring volunteers. Professional Pet Trackers were hired and the track was a very short one, leaving the family to conclude she was put into a car somewhere on the opposite side of that intersection. We are calling on the community’s help – We are pleading for you to share her flyer to help get the word out and help us reunite this sweet girl with her family, who miss her terribly.