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Legal Review: Why Is an E-Scooter Dangerous?

Studies have revealed that using an e-scooter increases your risk of injury compared to using a motorcycle, bicycle, car, or walking. Studies have also found that within 3.1 years of use, e-scooter users often need medical attention for injuries sustained in collisions. Although e-scooters may be enjoyable, convenient, and easy to use, they can cause severe harm to riders and pedestrians.

In recent years, several people in the United States have died riding e-scooters. About 80 percent of these deaths were due to collisions involving e-scooters. Factors like inexperienced riders, uncapped speeds, the lack of a helmet, and braking problems make e-scooters naturally dangerous.

As e-scooters becoming more and more common in urban areas, it’s important for riders and pedestrians alike to understand the potential dangers that come with these personal vehicles.

What Causes E-Scooter Accidents?

E-scooters are the alleged cause of many reported accident problems. Oftentimes, the cause of e-scooter accidents is mainly negligence on the part of riders. Most of the riders do not travel on the right paths or roads. Consequently, there have been fatalities of riders and unfortunate pedestrians.

Some of the injuries riders often sustain are jaw, wrist, and ankle fractures. Children are often vulnerable when an e-scooter rider rides in a tight public area that limits a child’s mobility to move out of the way of the speeding vehicle quickly. To that point, the lack of registration documents and proof needed to ride an e-scooter may complicate identifying the rider. If a child is hit by an e-scooter, the driver may apologize and continue riding his e-scooter without exchanging insurance information. This could complicate compensation for any future care or treatment costs.

In the emergency departments of many hospitals, the number of injuries caused by e-scooters continues to grow. Critics suggest that limiting the release, use or capacity of e-scooters on the roadways could limit the number of injuries. In doing so, there could be certain qualifications or restrictions placed on riders that aim to improve transportation safety.


As explained, e-scooters have increased road risks and resulted in several accidents. Concerning the safe use of an e-scooter, there are no special rules. You only need to remember that a well-maintained e-scooter is the safest and that responsible riding is required.

As a means to protect e-scooter riders, all riders should wear proper protective gear, including a helmet, to safeguard them in the event of a collision. Protecting your body by wearing eye protection, gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads will prevent severe injury. When on your scooter, ensure you follow road rules. In particular, know the zones where e-scooters are permitted or prohibited in your city. Following all applicable rules and regulations suggested by local authorities and the manufacturer can keep everyone safe.

“If you or a loved one is involved in an e-scooter accident, it is important to speak with all applicable parties and compile evidence,” says attorney Walter T. Clark of Walter Clark Legal Group. “Doing so can help you pursue a claim for possible compensation you may need down the road.”

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