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Campaign for Universal Health Care Boosted by Alexandria Democrats’ Endorsement

Alexandria, Virginia – October 31, 2022 – Local activists campaigning in support of nationwide universal health care (Medicare For All) received a significant boost earlier this month via a resolution of endorsement from the Alexandria Democratic Party.

Based on a similar resolution drafted by a coalition of activists from Grassroots Alexandria, Our Revolution Virginia, and the Democratic Socialists of America Northern Virginia Branch, the resolution calls for Congressional passage of the Medicare for All Act of 2021 (H.R. 1976) and State-Based Universal Health Care Act of 2021 (H.R. 3775) or similar legislation that guarantees health care coverage to all Americans.

The passage of national, improved Medicare For All legislation would guarantee universal, comprehensive health coverage to all Alexandria residents — including the more than 12,900 residents who are currently uninsured — without copays, deductibles, premiums, or out-of-pocket costs. It would also eliminate the need for employer-sponsored health insurance, saving the Alexandria city government more than $9.5 million per year and relieving local businesses of the burden of providing health insurance to employees.

The coalition’s next goal is the passage of a similar resolution by the Alexandria City Council supporting national, improved Medicare For All. Medicare For All resolutions have been passed in more than 100 cities and counties nationwide, including locally in the District of Columbia as well as Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Charles County, and Annapolis, Maryland. If adopted, this resolution would make Alexandria the first locality in Virginia to endorse the Medicare For All Act.

As part of this campaign, the coalition has launched a petition drive. Alexandria residents who want to see their city become the first in Virginia to endorse Medicare For All can show their support by signing the petition at

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